USSR Academy of Sciences
Academician A.L. Mintz
Radio-Technical Institute

#225 from 09.23.91

Concerning cooperation on establishing cellular telecommunications systems in the USSR.
By the order #199 of CNPO Vympel from 08.05.91, the Academician A.L. Minz Radio-Technical Institute is designated to lead the realization of the signed agreement between CNPO Vympel and Cellular (USA), to create and develop cellular telecommunications systems in the USSR, with the appointment of the head of the Department 114, comrade D.B. Zimin, as Manager of Technical Proposals.
Technical proposals will be worked out together with specialists from Cellular during the period of time from September 23 to October 5, 1991. The above collaboration is to be carried out at RTI.
In the interests of ensuring the work,
1. For preparation of the technical proposals in collaboration with representatives of Cellular, the creation of a temporary working group that will include:

Zimin, D.B.head of Department 114 (technical manager);
Kaplun, I.V. sector head in Department 114;
Aidarov, G.A. sector head in Department 104;
Trepakov, V.K.leading scientific researcher at Department 114;
Aizin, F.L.senior scientific researcher at Department 405.

Participation in the temporary working group by other organizations and agencies (such as NIIRP, NIIDAR, KB Dneprovskoye, CNIIS, USSR Energy Ministry, USSR Communications Ministry, and others upon discussion) is envisioned.
2. To the head of Department 019, comrade Ivlev, L.V.:
2.1. Prepare administrative building 404 for the collaborative work of the Soviet and foreign specialists;
2.2. Ensure that the negotiation participants have access to the Institutes food canteen.
3. To the Institute vice director, comrade Markov, Y.I.: make available an RAF minivan for transportation of the foreign specialists around the city.
4. To the Institute vice director, comrade Orlov, B.A.: according to the protocol, ensure preparation and coordination of the security procedures necessary for the foreign specialists period of stay.
5. The Institute chief engineer, comrade Ochkin, Y.V., and the head of Department 114, comrade Zimin, D.B., as persons responsible for receiving and facilitating the work of the foreign specialists at RTI, have to strictly adhere to the Program of reception of the specialists from Cellular at RTI developed by me.
6. To the heads of Scientific Research departments, services, and those responsible for reception of foreign specialists at RTI: ensure adherence to the Plan of Security Measures (mk 1889) in the part concerning them during the stay at RTI of the specialists from Cellular.
7. The Institute chief engineer, comrade Ochkin, Y.V, is responsible for the control and fulfillment of the present order.

Institute Director V.K. Sloka